What we did in 2021


  • Hosted multiple college coaches in our gym to watch workouts and pickup
  • 7 players went somewhere to play this past season when everyone kept their eligibility
  • Helped more than 10 players get scholarship offers last spring and summer 
  • Most were paying to go to school or didn’t have scholarship offers previously
  • Helped a post player become a point guard and an All Region player
  • Turned a high motor rebounder into a 3 and D producer in one of the top JUCO conferences, who transferred to a 4 year school on a full scholarship.
Team ICE

What we did in 2022



2023 Team ICE

Due to funding and space constraints, we had to put Team ICE on ice.  We need your help to get Team ICE back going again. 


2024 Team ICE

Will you help us help others in 2024?  

We’ve got a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it in.